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May only the beautiful things fill your lives – peace, blessings, Music. Thank you. It is lovely to visit such nice people here in Bangalore.
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope to come again to depict this art form in the most aesthetic and divine way”.
“A very, very touching and memorable experience,Thank you!”
“Thank you very much for all the affection and hospitality.”
“We cannot forget your great arrangement during our visit we are very thankful to each and every member of IMAS”
“A great experience. Many thanks to all of you and India!”
“Thank you for the fabulous experience of playing for you in Bangalore”.
"It was absolutely delightful to have had the rare privilege and opportunity to deliver a lecture under the aegis of the International Music and Arts Society. Ever since the launch of my book ‘Splendours of Royal Mysore: the untold story of the Wodeyars’ in Bangalore and other cities, we have been having a series of lectures and discussions on Mysore and its benevolent rulers, the Wodeyars.

In this context, to deliver a lecture for the Society was something very special for me personally, since the Society was founded by an illustrious member of the Mysore royal family, the talented Late Rani Vijaya Devi and being run now by her equally talented and industrious daughter Smt Urmila Devi. So, in more ways than one, it was the most ideal forum for a talk of this kind on the ‘The Legacy of the Wodeyars of Mysore.’

It was truly a humbling experience to see the enormous amount of personal efforts put in by Smt Urmila Devi and other members of IMAS for making the event a grand success. The impeccable planning and organization, an audience in rapt attention, the almost ethereal and royal ambience created by the music and the presence of many esteemed members of the Mysore royal family— all made it one of the most memorable events for me.

It was doubly a blessing to have my guru Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh perform select compositions of Mysore composers, including His Highness Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, immediately after my talk.”
“Deeply touched by your Grace and Style. I did’nt know that a show could be enjoyable but this time I enjoyed myself so much that I hope this won’t be the end.”
“We were overwhelmed by the affectionate and warm hospitality. We will always remember our stay in Bangalore”.
“This is a marvellous experience! Many thanks for all your warm and hospitality. I look forward to returning again some day”.
“Thanks a bunch for making this a most comfortable and enjoyable trip; Hope to be back very soon”
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I hope to come again to depict this art form in the most aesthetic and divine way.”
“Thank you very much for all the affection and support in making our exhibition a success. We would love to come again.”
“With appreciation”
“It was a pleasure performing for the International Music and Arts society. The things that really struck me was the amazing efficiency in your arranging everything so well and managing the show even if the chief guest turned up late!

The wonderful members you have and their keen sense for sensitivity which has been cultivated over a period of time listening and being exposed to the finest of art forms. It sure was a pleasure to perform there. Wishing you lots of good health and success”.
“I am very grateful to the International Music and Arts Society, along with the Bangalore Oxford and Cambridge Society, for organising the recital in March 2008 at the Alliance Francaise. Although I play most days at the Leela, this was actually my debut solo recital, and it was very rewarding to work hard at the more technically demanding works, such as the Mozart Sonata, the Schubert Impromptus and the Ravel Sonatina.

There was great turn out, in spite of an unexpected storm which added drama to the first half of the concert. It was good to see a large group of schoolchildren there, who came well prepared with some very interesting questions when they interviewed me at the end of the concert. Perhaps a concert aimed specifically targeting young people may be worth thinking about sometime in the future.”
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