The International Music & Arts Society today has a membership of over three hundred members, bringing together a group of people with a shared interest in the classic and contemporary arts of the world. The Society presents an average of eight programmes though the year. Membership entitles you to prior intimation of all programmes before sale of tickets to the public, a member’s discount on ticketed shows and invitations for special programmes. The Society also organises an annual members get-together and subscription-tea; a popular occasion to meet the other members.   Corporate
Rs 1,00,000 and above (from April 2019)

Rs 25,000 and above (from April 2019)

Rs 15,000 (from April 2019)

Annual Single
Rs 1200+ Rs 100 (entrance fee)

Annual Couple
Rs 2000+ Rs 100 (entrance fee)

(Annual memberships are valid upto
31st March of each year)

Cheques/Drafts are to be drawn in favor
of - International Music & Arts Society
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