70’s - 1999 I 2000 - 2006 I 2006+
date   events   artiste
December 1   The East India Company – A Legacy of Rapacity – Converstaion between William Dalrymple & Moin Mir on their recent books - The Anarchy, & Surat – Fall of a Port – Rise of a Prince, live streamed with BIC.
November 9   Launch of Ambassador Alan Nazarath’s autobiography A Ringside Seat to History – with Latha Reddy, moderating.
October 11   "This too shall pass" Western music concert at St. Mark’s Cathedral with the St. Marks Church members.
September 12   “Doppio” a duo piano concert with Natallia Kapylova & Liudmila Drazhnik – a live presentation by the two pianists
September 11   The World in Carnatic Music – Inter-Cultural Encounters in South India – with neuroscientist Deepti Navarathna, Sumathi Krishnan, musician & Srinivas Reddy, musician & author-BIC talks
July 17   An evening with Maestro James Conlon on opera moderated by author Shobha Narayan in collaboration with BIC
June 29   A piano concert by Raj Bhimani specially curated for IMAS to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary
date   events   artiste
December 5
Bangalore International Centre
  Pearls of Chopin's Music   A Piano Recital by Anna Lipiak
October 15
Bangalore International Centre
  Romancing the Violin   Internationally Renowned Musicians
September 25
Bangalore International Centre
  The Maharaja & Musical Modernism: A Celebration of Patronage and Legacy   Karl Lutchmayer & Beatrice de Larragoiti
June 28
Bangalore International Centre
  If Music be the Food of Love: A classical voice and piano recital   Ashwati Parameshwar and Natallia K. Kapylova
March 15
  Out of this World   A film by So Long Productions
febraury 15
National Gallery of Modern Art
  The Magic of India: Jadoowallahs, Jugglers, Jinns & more   JOHN ZUBRYZCKI
febraury 8
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Lepakshi: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting   george michell
date   events   artiste
november 16
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  A Western Classical Trio   Syrinx: xxii
august 31
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
june 23
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Art Song Recital Exploring Brahms Lieder   RAHUL BHARADWAJ AND
may 17
Gallery Time & Space
  Polymorphism: Stories   indira chandrasekhar
march 23
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Bharatanatyam Performance   APOORVA MALLADI
january 14
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Iranian inspiration - Firdausi's Shahnameh in India   DR. WILLIAM KWIATKOWSKI
date   events   artiste
august 27
Banquet Hall, Jayamahal Palace Hotel
  Annual founder's day tea & iran at the crossroads    
august 2
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  The Pi Plus Duo   jan sham brouwer and apurva devarajan
july 7
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Fantasy for two, a duo piano concert   natalia k kapylova and liudmila alizarchyk
march 27
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Music for Peace, An International Concert Project   Viovoi Music Academy
march 10
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy   navina najat haidar
january 20
My Fortune Hotel, Bengaluru
january 18
National Gallery of Modern Art
  The Mughals in the Deccan: The architecture of Burhanpur, Daulatabad and Aurangabad   GEORGE MICHELL
date   events   artiste
november 25
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
november 18
St. Mark's Cathedral
  A Recital of art songs and opera arias   ashwati parameshwar - soprano
september 9
The Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  JAZZ   sharik hasan
march 31
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Imagined Journeys: Lalla Rookh and the Lure of Cashmere   Smt. Nirupama Rao
january 19
National Gallery of Modern Art
  'Cities of Victory': The Afterlife of Chalukya architecture at Vijayanagara and Bijapur   Prof. Philip B. Wagoner
date   events   artiste
december 11
The Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Celebrity piano recital   pallavi mahidhara
october 27
The Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Arties festival India   Arties musicians
august 28
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Ghalib and the Mirs of Gujarat   Mir Jaffar Imam
july 24
The Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  A piano recital by Paul Stewart   paul stewart
april 19
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Screening of Kannada film Kaadu   -
february 8
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Twenty Visits to India: A British Potter’s Tale   Kate malone
National Gallery of Modern Art
  Deccani art across the ocean: hoysalas, kadambas and medieval ethiopia   finbarr barry flood
date   events   artiste
november 23
St. Andrew's Chruch
  A classical guitar recital by Yogi Ponappa   yogi ponappa
September 20
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
  A musical Recital by Balamurli Krishna (part of Bengaluru International Arts Festival)   Balamurli Krishna
june 4
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Romantic love in music and letters: Robert & Clara Schumann   NATALLIA KAPYLOVA
march 22
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
date   events   artiste
october 25
National Gallery of Modern Art
  An illustrated talk - Murals of India   BENOY K BEHL
september 20
Bangalore International Centre
  A lively book discussion on the hope factory   lavanya sankaran
july 19
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  A Bharatanatyam performance   vidya d keshava, sumitra keshava
june 28
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  Trio HNG   hugues borsarello, nicolas bone, gauthier hermann
march 18
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
  A Lively evening of jazz   ararat
march 1
NGMA Auditorium
  Mughal Architecture & Gardens   DR GEORGE MICHELL
date   events   artiste
november 2
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
  A Classical Piano Recital   ORIETTA CAIANIELLO
september 9
NGMA Auditorium
  An evening of songs   de lanerolle brothers (rohan & ishan)
september 2
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
  Bharatanatyam   MALAVIKA SARRUKAI
august 2
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
june 1
Alliance Francaise
  Baroque French Music   JUSTIN McCARTHY
april 20
  Elephant boy   robert flaherty & zoltan korda
march 30
Smriti Nandan
  A talk on 'Temple Jewellery'   Dr. Choodamani
january 24
Raj Bhavan
  Book Launch ‘Voice of the Veena: S. Balachandra a biography’   Vikram Sampath
date   events   artiste
december 8
Alliance Francaise
  Piano Recital   Karl Lutchmayer
November 8
Time & Space Gallery
  Sita's Ramayana   Samhita Arni
August 28
Crystal Ballroom
  Founders Day Annual Tea -
A Short Piano Recital
August 5
Alliance Francaise
  A Violin Recital   mandhira de saram
july 22
NGMA, Palace Road
  A Bharatanatyam Recital   Susheela Mehta
july 11
Time and Space Gallery
  K.K.Hebbar through a daughter's Eyes   Rajani Prasanna
june 11
Time and Space Gallery
  "St. Petersburg Night" - Waldbuhne Berlin   Berliner Philharmoniker /
Zubin Mehta
april 21
Alliance Francaise
  Piano Recital   victoria aja
date   events   artiste
november 25
Alliance Francaise
  Piano Recital   chris williams
june 16
Alliance Francaise
  Piano Recital   Paul Stewart
Alliance Francaise, 7pm
  Launch of book "My Name is Gauhar Jaan!" The Life and Times of a Musician   Vikram Sampath
february 23   ‘Revisiting the  City of Victory’ – An Illustrated talk   Vikramajit Ram
february 18   New Jungle Orchestra   Danish Jazz Ensemble
december 5   ‘Opus a Kath’ – An Indo French Classical and Modern dance performance   ISABELLA ANNA & HER TROUPE
october 30   Carnatic vocal recital   Sandeep Narayan
september 11   Violin and Cello recital   Julie – Anne Derome and Gabriel Prynn
august 28   Wine & Cheese Evening    
august 27   Piano recital   Chris Williams
july 18   ‘Gertrude’ – A dramatised reading   Phyllis Bose
july 3   ‘The Dancing Saxophone’ – A Saxophone recital by Claudia Schaetzle accompanied on the piano   Claudia Schaetzle
Monique de Margerie
june 12   Samson and Delila – Opera film    
may 16   ‘Puskin’s Last Poem’   Achala Moulik
march 24   ARTIES – A French Chamber Music Ensemble concert    
march 16   ‘Daughters oh India’ – Art & Identity – An illustrated talk   Stephen Hulyer
february 10   Violin recital   Thomas Schrott accompanied by Daniel Bossard on the piano
january 17   ‘Learning from Greenlaw’ – an illustrated lecture by Dr. George Michell and ‘Archaeology between the Monuments’   George Michell
Dr. John M. Fritz
january 8   Jazz Piano Concert   Sharik Hassan
november 1   Classical Guitar   Alessio Nebiolo
september 26   Piano recital   Mathieu Gaudet of Canada
september 5   Poems for the Piano – An Evening of Chopin – Piano recital   Anil Srinivasan
august 28   Annual Tea    
august 16   ‘Splendours of Royal Mysore’ – The Untold Story of the Wodeyars   Vikram Sampath
june 6   Screening of Opera film – Romeo and Juliette   Charles Francois Gounod
March 23   An Evening of Poetry and Music for the launch of ‘Lone Swan’ (Haiku)   Vasumathi (Christine) Krishnaswami
March 15   Piano Recital   Chris Williams
September 26   Water
Piano Recital
  Monique Cooper
september 12   Elephant Kingdom:
Sculptures from Indian Architecture
Book Launch
  Vikramajit Ram
september 9   The Symphony
Orchestra of India
  Marat Bisangaliev
august 26   Reminiscences of the Mysore Palace
Founders Day; illustrated talk
  Urmila Devi
August 3   Legends of Jazz
  Ramsey Lewis
August 3   Under the Desert Sky
  Andrea Bocelli
july 12   Concert Magic
  Yehudi Menuhin
july 12   300 years of St. Petersburg Film    
may 25   Piano Recital
by Sri Lankan pianist
  Sothie Paul Duraisamy
may 12   Swan Lake
march 2   Q.E.D.
A Dramatized Play Reading based on the life of Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman
february 16   An Evening of Opera - ‘Turandot’
  quick fact